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Runaway Notes

Shh! Mickey, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, is asleep in the master’s dungeon. But not everything is quiet. A wicked wind from Bald Mountain creeps in, flickers the candle flame, and – poof -the candle’s out!

What’s the evil wind up to? The
paper on the table rustles, but Mickey is deep, deep in a dream. The musical notes on the paper float away, captured by the wind!

Mickey, do something! And Mickey does. He follows the notes in his dream, rising into the air and drifting after them.

But is Mickey too late? The tricky wind scatters the notes throughout Fantasia. It drops a few in the master’s workroom, and loses others in the ancient jungles and under the sea. Some notes fall into deep, dark caverns. Many of the notes are scattered about in the gardens and meadows, where mushrooms skip. And far, far into the land of Fantasia, even more of the notes drift among airy columns, between floating bubbles, flying horses, and hippos dancing on their toes.

The last notes are carried all the way to fiery, fiend-filled Bald Mountain!

Take care, Mickey. Magic is everywhere, ready to catch you in its spell! You’ll bump into marching brooms, waddling cauldrons, and poisonous dancing flowers. You’ll be knocked into the ooze by the rumble of battling dinosaurs. Pterodactyls will flap around your head, and crocodiles will snap. You’ll even travel high into space, where planets zoom and stars explode. On Bald Mountain, witches, imps, and wailing goblin heads will chase you through burning lava!

Take along some magic spells of your own, and get more magic from the master’s book. You must find the notes and bring them back, so the master’s music can play again!


Take Control!

To help Mickey get back the master’s music, learn how to use your Control Pad before you start playing.

Manette Mega Drive

Directional Button (D-Button)

Button Start

On the Option screen,
press up or down to mark a selection. Then press left or right to change the setting.

Press left or right to move Mickey.

While jumping (with the Jump Button), press left or right to jump further in those directions.

Press down to duck under enemies.

Press at the Title screen to go to the Option screen.

Press at the Option screen to begin Mickey’s adventures.

Press to pause the game during play, and then press
again to continue.

Button A (Little Spell)

Press to throw a Little Spell.

Button B (Big Spell)

Press to throw a fast, powerful Big Spell.

Button C (Jump)

Press to make Mickey jump. Keep holding the button down for higher jumps. (Press the D-Button while jumping to jump further to the left or right.)

Press to make Mickey swim up.

Note: You can switch the actions of Buttons A, B and C
on the Option screen.

Mickey's Bounce Attack

Make Mickey jump, then press the D-Button down to make him land on something. Landing on enchanted creatures turns them into stardust and earns points.
Landing on Magic Items earns extra points and powers.

Note: Sometimes Mickey has to bounce more than once on a creature to demolish it.

How to play

Getting Started

The Story screen tells you about Mickey’s mission to recover the Notes that were taken while he slept. You can read the screen or press Start to skip it. When the Title screen appears, press Start to go on to the Option screen.

Option Screen

Press the D-Button up or down to move the marker from one option to another. When an option is marked, press the D-Button left or right to change its setting.


You can take Mickey on an Easy, Normal, or Hard adventure. As you go up in difficulty, the enemies become stronger and you must hit them more times. You must also collect more Notes.


Choose how many Dreams (chances) Mickey will start the game with. Then, whenever you use a Continue, he will also begin with that same number of Dreams. You can choose 1, 2 or 3 Dreams.


Choose how many times you can continue before the game ends. You can choose 1, 2, or 3 Continues.


Listen to Fantasia’s music. You’ll hear different melodies as you change the setting.


Change the actions of Buttons A, B and C. You can choose one of six different settings.

Little SpellAABBCC

Beginning the Game

Press Start at the Option screen to begin Mickey’s quest.

Is Mickey's Magic Working?

The orchestra would love to play, but the Notes are missing. It’s up to Mickey to bring them back! Watch the bottom of the screen to find out if Mickey’s magic is working, or if he’s getting himself into more danger!

Magic Points

Mickey uses Magic Points when he casts spells.

  • Little Spells use one point.
  • Big Spells use three points.

Mickey starts out with three Magic Points, so if he casts a Big Spell right away, he’s in trouble! When Mickey runs out of Magic Points he can’t cast any more spells, and he’ll have to run, jump, or duck to escape getting hurt.

But all is not lost. When Mickey grabs a flying Spell Book, he gains more Magic Points.


This shows how many points you’ve gained so far. You earn points when you twinkle creatures into stardust by
casting spells and bouncing on them. You can also gain extra points by bouncing on Magic Items (see page 13).


If you see a number by the Heart, Mickey still has strength left. He starts the game with four Hearts, but he loses strength each time an enchanted creature touches him. Some creatures will take one Heart, and others will take two or three. The worst creatures will take all Mickey’s Hearts, no matter how many he has.

If Mickey loses all his Hearts, he loses one Dream. But you can help Mickey keep up his strength. Every time you pick up a magic Star, Mickey gets more Hearts.


As long as Mickey has Dreams, he can keep searching for the lost Notes. You decide how many Dreams Mickey will start with (1, 2, or 3) from the Option screen.

When Mickey runs out of Hearts (and strength), he loses one Dream. Once Mickey loses all his Dreams, the quest
ends. (If you have any Continues left, you can try the same level again. See page 10.)

End of Game…

When Mickey loses all his Dreams (and Continues), the game ends, and the master’s music is lost forever.

… and Continue game

If you have any Continues left, Mickey can start over from the last level you played. Press the D-Button right to continue. Or press it left to end the game.

Note: You choose how many times you can continue (1, 2 or 3) from the Option screen.

Where Are the Notes?

The tricky wind scattered the Notes across the land of Fantasia. Mickey must journey to four separate wondrous and scary worlds in his search for the missing music.

Each world has several scenes. If Mickey can find the Fantasy Fairy, she will guide him to the other scenes in a world, and he can keep searching. Once Mickey finds enough Notes or gains enough points in one world, he can advance to the next world.

Water World3 Notes
(or 60,000 points)
(or 100,000 points)
(or 160,000 points)
Earth WorldNotes
(or 100,000 points)
7 billets
(or 140,000 points)
10 Notes
(or 200,000 points)
Air WorldNotes
(or 140,000 points)
(or 180,000 points)
12 Notes
(or 240,000 points)
Fire WorldNotes
(or 180,000 points)
11 Notes
(or 220,000 points)
14 Notes
(or 280,000 points)

Note: Finding a Note earns you 20,000 points in the Easy level, 40,000 points in the Normal level, and 60,000 points in the Hard level. Whenever you get 20,000 points in other ways, you earn a Note.

But before Mickey goes on, he returns to the orchestra to restore the Notes he’s found so far. If Mickey hasn’t retrieved enough Notes (or gained enough points), the conductor will send him back into the world to keep searching.

Bonus Rooms

Wooden doors appear in special places. These lead Mickey to Bonus Rooms filled with Magic Items. If an enchanted creature touches Mickey while he’s in a Bonus Room, he won’t be hurt, but he’ll float right out of the room.

Try to help Mickey pick up all the Magic Items before an enemy touches him, because he can only enter a Bonus Room once.

There are also many Secret Bonus Rooms hidden throughout Fantasia. The entrances to these rooms are not marked, so Mickey must find them on his own.


Magic Items

Magic Items are all around. If Mickey can get them, they’ll keep up his strength and earn bonus points. When you see a Magic Item, make Mickey run over it, jump up to grab it, bounce on it, or shoot it with a spell.


Spell Books

These give Mickey Magic Points and bonus points to add to the score.



These give Mickey more Hearts and bonus points.


Crystal Balls, Potions, and Dinosaur Eggs

Have Mickey grab these for more bonus points.

Bonus points

easy Level
normal LEVEL
Books6001 2001 800
Stars1 5003 0004 500
Balls1 5003 0004 500
Potions4008001 200

The Land of Fantasia

The Water World

Music: The Sorcerer's Apprentice, by Paul Dukas

The master’s workroom is hopping with marching brooms, skipping mushrooms, and waddling cauldrons of bubbling goo. All these creatures are cute, and deadly! The Fantasy Fairy takes Mickey to the swamp outside the castle where scaly amphibians chase him with a hungry look, and wild whirlpools swirl in the waterfall. Under the sea, use the Jump Button to swim up through the coral, and hold your breath!

The Earth World

Music: The Rite of Spring, by Igor Stravinsky

The primeval jungle rumbles with the thud of battling dinosaurs and ancient earthquakes. So this is where life began. Let’s hope Mickey’s Dream doesn’t end here! The dusty desert is buzzing with bugs and the famous Jumping Cactus. Mickey should jump, too, onto the floating dunes that might help him escape.

Deep under ground, the caverns sparkle. Their fatal beauty is matched only by the heavenly glory of speeding planets and stars in the Big Bang.

The Air World

Music: The Pastorale, Symphony No. 6, by Ludwig van Beethoven, The Nutcracker Suite, by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, and Dance of the Hours, by Amilcare Ponchielli

Bubble, bubble, here comes trouble. In a beautiful garden, Mickey discovers that leaves are slippery, dew is treacherous, and clouds can sink as well as float.

Mickey warps to the amazing Pastorale where horses fly and tiny goat-men dance. In the Dance of the Hours, ostriches twirl, and the hippos get heavy and splat Mickey flat. Ride the bubbles, if you dare. They can burst, or hold you prisoner. (Cast a Big Spell to escape.)

The Fire World

Music: A Night on Bald Mountain, by Modest Mussorgsky, and Toccata and Fugue in D minor, by Johann Sebastian Bach

Enter Bald Mountain, the scariest world in Fantasia! Mickey needs all his magic and strength to go where witches howl and tormented goblins scurry. There’s fire above, below, and all around this rocky, jagged cavern. Streams of boiling lava hiss at Mickey’s feet, while shadowy bats flap over his head. Floating cinder blocks may help Mickey cross the fiery rivers, if he doesn’t slip!

Will Mickey’s bravery, strength, and magic hold out? Can he survive this last fiend-filled world to restore the final Notes? It’s up to you!


Magic Hints

  • Ostriches, crocodiles, and tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs look scary, but Mickey can bounce on these and other enchanted creatures to get past danger zones.
  • Mickey can cast spells while he’s leaping. Try this trick to get the jump on foes.
  • When Mickey gets a Note, he sparkles. During this time he can’t be hurt. (But like all good things, it doesn’t last forever.)
  • Pick up all the Magic Items you can, and destroy as many enemies as possible. You’ll need lots of points to finish each level
  • If an area seems to be unreachable, try jumping to it. Anything can happen in a Dream!
  • Don’t waste your magic spells. You’re going to need them at the higher levels.
  • Taking one Magic Item may make another one appear. So try to grab everything. 
  • Always look behind rocks, leaves, and trees. You may find Magic Items or the passageway to another scene. 
  • Mickey flashes when he gets hit. During this time, he won’t get any credit for anything he picks up.
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