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Golden Axe™

Yuria is a strange land, with evil oppressors. Death Adder’s soldiers have invaded every
village. And Death Adder himself has massacred thousands.

Finally, he’s kidnapped the King and his daughter, the Princess, and seized the Golden Axe. Only the strongest and craftiest warriors now have any chance of defeating him.


Three warriors appear to challenge Death Adder Ax-Battler, the terrible Barbarian, arrives from the far plains. His mighty strength and courage a is a match for any enemy.

Tyris-Flare, the Amazon, appears from the deep jungles to overcome the oppressors. With sword-skill and Lightning Magic she vows to save the Kingdom.

Gilius-Thunderhead, the Dwarf, swings a deadly axe. His tricks and speed in battle can outwit even the most brutal giant.

These three, like many others, have lost cherished loved ones in the war against the reptile fiend, Death Adder. Now they swear to
defeat him – even at the cost of their lives.

The challenge is overwhelming: defeat all of Death Adder’s soldiers and beasts, travel the
treacherous route to his castle, demolish Death Adder Jr., and then face their most powerful
enemy, Death Adder himself.

The reward: saving the lives of the King and Princess and returning peace to the Kingdom.

That’s the plan. But there could be a surprise ending!


Take Control!

Here’s how to use the Control Pad:

Manette Mega Drive

Directional Button (D Button)

Up and down
Press up or down to move the marker on the Start Game, Options, and Sound Test screens.

Left and right
Press right or left to change options on the Options screen.

During play, press to make your warrior walk, run, or jump in any direction.

Start Button

Press to start game.

Press to make selections on the Options screen. (You can also press Button A, B, or C to make selections.)

Press to bypass opening screens.

During play, press to pause game. Press button again to resume play.

Button A
(Magic Button)

Press to use your magic.

Button B
(Attack Button)

Press to attack.

Button C
(Jump Button)

Press to jump.

Special Moves

Press Button B (Attack) and Button C (Jump) at the same time for a special skilled attack.

Press Button C (Jump), then quickly press Button B (Attack) for a downward slash with your weapon.

Press the D Button right or left twice quickly to run in either direction.

While running, press Button B (Attack) for a body slam, kick, or head butt, depending on your warrior.

While running, press Button C (Jump) for greater distance. During this jump you can also press Button B (Attack) for a downward thrust.

Remember that each warrior has special attack skills. What one warrior can do, the others may not be able to do.

You can rearrange the functions of Buttons A, B. and C. For instructions, see the Options Screen section later in this manual.

How to play

Gear Up for Battle!

After the Title screen appears, watch the demonstration battle to get an idea of the game play. When you’re ready to challenge Death Adder, press the Start Button on Control Pad 1 for one player. For two players, press the Start Button on Control Pad 2. The Start Game screen appears.

Press the D Button on Control Pad to move the marker to the game mode you want to play:

Start Game Screen for 1 Player
Start Game Screen for 2 Players

1 ) Arcade

Play the arcade version of Golden Axe. Your journey takes 5 days and is recorded on a map.

2 ) Beginner

Play an easier and shorter version of Golden Axe. In this mode the game ends at stage 3, after a battle with Death Adder Jr.

3 ) The Duel

Test your skill against other game characters. In 1 Player games, you fight 12 separate duels with Death Adder’s soldiers. As you win each duel, you go on to the next. If you lose a duel, the battle ends. In 2 Player games, the two players fight each other until one warrior defeats the other.

4 ) Options

After selecting a game mode, press the Start Button on Control Pad to begin play. Or use the D Button to move the marker to Options and press the Start Button. The Options screen appears. This screen is described on the next page.

5 ) Credits

Your Credits are the number of times you can continue an Arcade or Beginner game after being defeated. In 1 Player games, you can continue 3 times. In 2 Player games, each player can 2 continue 2 times. You cannot change your number of Credits.

Ecran d'options

Utilisez l’écran d’options pour vous préparer a affronter vos adversaires. Appuyez sur la touche D du bloc de commande pour faire monter ou descendre le pointer vers l’option que vous voulez. Appuyez ensuite sur le côté gauche ou droit de la touche D pour modifier le réglage.

Life Meter

Choose the number of hits (3, 4, or 5) that your warrior can take before losing a life. You start the battle with 3 lives.


Choose the settings for the A, B, and C Buttons on the Control Pad. You have 6 choices:

Choice 1

Sound Test

  • Press the Start Button (or Button A, B, or C)
    to see the Sound Test menu.
  • Press the D Button up or down to move the
    marker to the game sound you want.
  • Press the Start Button (or Button A, B, or C)
    to preview the sound.


Press the Start Button to return to the Start Game screen.

At the Start Game screen, select your game mode. Then press the Start Button again to begin play.

Three Warriors

The Warrior Selection screen appears. Press the D Button left or right to make the warriors circle. Release the button when the warrior you want iS in front. Then press the Start Button (or Button A, B, or C) to choose that warrior and begin the game.


Tyris-Flare the Amazon saw her mother and father massacred by Death Adder. When she’s really angry, she rains down curtains of fire on her enemies with Fire Magic.



Gilius-Thunderhead the Dwarf lost his brother to Death Adder’s power. His specialty is somersaulting and scorching the invaders with Lightning Magic.


Ax-Battler the Barbarian heard his mother’s final screams. Now he won’t rest until he hears Death Adder’s. He uses Volcano Magic on the attacking hordes.

Note: In 2 Player games each player must choose a different warrior. Then press the Start Button (or Button A, B, or C) on Control Pad 2 to begin

The Quest for the Golden Axe

You begin your quest in the woods surrounding Turtle Village. As you enter the woods you are immediately attacked by Death Adder’s soldiers.

Press your D Button to move around the battle.
Press your Jump and Attack Buttons to fight for your life! The number of times you press the Attack Button determines your maneuver and how much damage you do.

With the Attack Button

  • Press once or twice quickly to stab or slice.
  • Press 3 times quickly: for a strong stab or slice at distant enemies.
    — to poke your weapon handle at near enemies.
    — to grab an enemy who’s right on you and throw him down in a body twirl.
  • Press 4 times quickly to poke your weapon handle at an enemy who’s right on you.
  • Press 5 times quickly to kick an enemy who’s right on you.

  • Press the D Button left or right twice quickly, then press the Attack Button for a body slam, kick, or head butt, depending on your warrior.

Use your Attack and Jump Buttons together for spectacular attacks. Press the Jump button, then quickly press the Attack Button for a downward thrust with your weapon while leaping or do while running. Press the buttons a together for a revolving spin and slash down.

Hit Meter and Life Counter

Keep an eye on the Game screen indicators to check how you’re doing. The Magic Box at the top of the screen shows how many Magic Pots you’re a carrying. Magic is a devastating weapon that knocks out all enemies on screen.

But some of them will be strong enough to revive! Stay on guard! Your Hit Meter shows how many hits you can take until you lose a life. Your Life Counter shows how many lives you have left. 

Follow the Go arrows when they appear to keep on the right track.

Pause and Resume Play

Press the Start Button to pause the game during play. Press it again to resume play.

Continue Game Message

Continue Game Message

You start the battle with 3 lives. You’ll be able to take 3, 4, or 5 enemy hits before losing a life, depending on your setting. When you take the maximum number of hits, you lose a life. When you’ve lost all your lives, the game ends and the Continue Game message appears.

With the marker pointing to “‘Yes,’ press the Start Button to continue play from the last stage you were playing when the game ended. Or, use the D Button 10 move the marker to “No.” Then press the Start Button to end the game.

The Continue Game message appears as long as you have Credits left. In a Player game, you start with 3 continues. In a 2 Player game, each player starts with 2 continues. Your current number of Credits iS shown in the Continue Game message.

Score Board

The Score Board appears at the end of a game. It shows your score, the number of times your
warrior revived, and your total strength. It also shows your standing among all games played SO far.


Magic and Strength

You start the battle carrying 1 Magic Pot. But you’ll need much more than that to survive the battles ahead.

During your travels you’ll sometimes find little Elves running underfoot. These tiny guys carry rucksacks full of things you need. Nudge the Elves to make them drop things from their sacks. (Sometimes it takes a strong nudge.) They’ll drop Magic Pots and Strength Bars.

Run over these things to pick them up. Save the Magic Pot for the right moment. The Strength Bars give you extra strength right away.

Sometimes the Elves sneak around at night, when you’re sleeping. Wake up as quickly as you can to get Magic Pots and Strength Bars from them. If you’re too sleepy, they may steal Magic Pots back from you!

Magic Pots can add up. The more Pots you have, the stronger your Magic will be. Ax-Battler’s Volcano Magic can reach up to 4 levels of power, depending on how many Magic Pots he carries. When Tyris-Flare has 9 Magic Pots, her Fire Magic is stupendous! Fire Magic can reach up to 6 levels of power. Gilius-Thunderhead’s Lightning Magic has 3 power levels.

In 2 Player games, each warrior will have Magic Box at the top of the screen as long as that warrior has Magic Pots left.

In Arcade mode, you use up all your Magic when you press your Magic Button. In Beginner mode, you use up 2 Magic Pots when you press the Magic Button.


You’ll have plenty of chances to meet up with Death Adder’s beasts, the Bizarrians. If you knock an enemy off the back of a Bizarrian, you can mount the creature yourself and use it’s special skills to your advantage. Some Bizarrians have deadly tails that pack a terrific wallop. Others spit flames and twirling fireballs.


Battle Scenes

In the Woods

Stage 1

You’ll get to know the crudest and least skilled of Death Adder’s soldiers. Stay on guard. They may be dumb, but there’s a lot of them! You’ll also meet up with the Twin Brutes and Lizard Women. Grab as much Magic as you can for the ordeals ahead.

Turtle Village

Stage 2

Death Adder’s army awaits you in the Village. They’re ready for fight – they’ve already scared away all the children. The same kinds of soldiers appear as in Stage 1, but with different colored armor. They’re stronger and meaner than the soldiers in the woods. Ride a Bizarrian to victory!

Crossing from Turtle Island to the Mainland

Stage 3

You’ll have to cross a perilous bridge. Leap for distance – it’s a long way to the bottom you miss.

To Eagle Island

Stage 4

This island is actually the back of a huge eagle with Skeleton Swordsmen hiding in its feathers. They’re difficult to conquer since they’re already dead they’re not afraid to die again! Narrow bridges make the battle even more hazardous.

From Eagle Island to the Palace

Stage 5

Fight for your life on cobblestone streets against more soldiers, Lizard Women, and fire-blasting Bizarrians.

The Palace Gates

Stage 6

Death Adder guards the palace gates. He’s skilled at thowing sparking knots of electricity. Be quick – his weapon is difficult to avoid.

The Dungeon

Stage 7

You’ve made it inside the dark, depressing, scary palace dungeon. Watch out for broken floors and dangerous pits. Skeleton Swordsman infest this cellar.

The Battle with ...?

Stage 8

It’s time to face your most dangerous enemy. And has he a got a surprise for you!


Survival Skills

  • Practice, practice, practice! Work on your jump and attack skills to get your timing perfect. Mastering the attack and all its variations is the best way to win!
  • Experiment with your Jump and Attack Buttons to discover all the special moves. You’ll be surprised at how many maneuvers you can do, including kicking, thrusting with the handle of your weapon, and tossing your opponent overhead in a body twirl.
  • Ride a Bizarrian whenever you can. Let the monster take the hits while keeping the enemy’s weapon swipes away from you. 
  • Learn the shortcomings of each enemy. Then concentrate on defeating them by attacking their vulnerable spots.
  • Assess each situation to decide whether to retreat to a better position or close in for the attack.
  • Learn to jump and twirl to get behind an attacker.
  • Always face your enemy. Stabs in the back are lethal!
  • Watch your Hit Meter and Life Counter. If you’re getting short on lives, it might be a good idea to retreat instead of attack.
  • Use your Magic Pots wisely. It may be a while before you get more. Stay on guard – some enemies are strong enough to revive after a Magic attack.
  • Fighting on a cliff, near the sea, or on a terrace is very tricky. Instead of tumbling off, lure the enemy towards the edge and let him be the one to fall. You can even give him a little push.
  • Some platforms can only be scaled from a secret spot — which you have to find.
  • In 2 Player games, don’t attack your partner — you can hurt each other!
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