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Enter Jurassic Park the ultimate experience. In this lush, lost, island preserve covering thousands of rain forest acres, dinosaurs yes, DINOSAURS – roam, feed, sleep and breed. Recreated from ancient DNA, the most massive, dangerous animals ever known resume their primeval lives as if the last 65 million years were just another yesterday. 

Protected by the latest electronic safeguards, thrill-seekers watch as Brachiosaurs wallow in the swamps and herds of Tricertops thunder through the jungle vines. Yet an unexpected fate awaits the fearsome beasts and unsuspecting tourists alike. A sudden, violent hurricane rips through the park, trapping the humans and freeing the most terrifying animals of prehistory!

Dinosaurs rampage across the island, battling other beasts and eluding the traps and weapons of their human enemies. And one man, paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant, stranded in the storm, pushes on to safety while dodging the slashing jaws of Tyrannosaurus Rex and the paralyzing spit of the Dilophosaurs! 

Now it’s your turn. Take on the role of the Raptor or Dr. Grant. Plunge into a heart-thudding race for survival in a techno-primitive world – if you dare!


How to play


Press Start at the Title screen to bring up the Main Game menu. To choose an option:

  • Press the D-Pad down or up to highlight your choice.
  • Press Start to select the option and go on to the next screen.


Immediately plunge into your death- defying race through unknown and uncharted dangers. You’ll start with the options you’ve most recently chosen in this game session. If you’re just beginning the game, you’ll play as Dr. Grant, at the Normal skill level, with the default button controls. (See pages 12, 14 and 16.)


Choose to be Dr. Alan Grant or the Raptor. To choose your character:

  • Press the D-Pad left or right to display Grant or the Raptor.
  • Press Start or Button A, B or C to select that character and return to the Main Game menu.


As the bold paleontologist, you’ll arm yourself with serious weapons, including tranquilizer darts, a stun gun and concussion grenades. You’ll face a terrifying torrent of perils as you attempt to outwit the deadly prehistoric predators, reach the safety of the Visitor’s Center and save the rest of the tourists.


As the razor-clawed, cunningly vicious Raptor, you’ll clash with other beasts, snare food and foil the attacks of heavily-armed human foes. Your goal is to reach the Visitor’s Center, break through to the dock, and board the boat to escape the island!


Choose your game options before starting play. To set the options: 

  • Press the D-Pad down or up to highlight different options.
  • Press the D-Pad left or right to change the setting.
  • Press Start or Button A, B or C to exit the screen and return to the Main Game menu.


Choose an Easy, Normal or Hard skill level. If you don’t change the setting, you’ll play a Normal game.


Toggle the game’s music and sound effects on or off. The default setting is Music On.


Choose from six settings to customize the actions of Buttons A, B and C. If you don’t change the settings, they will be:

A Select
Chose weapon
B Fire
Fire weapon
C Jump

Note: See pages 26, 28, 52 and 54 for more button control information.


A password appears at the beginning of each new level, starting with the Power Station (level 2). Write down the exact password on the spaces provided on pages 86-87 of this manual. Then, to start the game at a later level, go to the Password screen and enter the password for the level you want. Here’s how:

  1. Use the D-Pad to highlight a number or letter in the grid.
  2. Press Button A, B or C to add that character to the password line at the bottom of the screen.
  3. To edit a password, highlight the left or right arrows near the bottom of the grid. Then press Button A, B or C to move the highlight in the password line to the left or right. Next, use the D-Pad to highlight a character in the grid, and press Button A, B or C to set that character in the selected place in the password.
  4. When you’re finished highlight “Start” and press Button A, B or C. If your password is valid, you’ll start the adventure at one of the levels in mid-game. If the password is invalid, you can enter a new password.
  5. Highlight “Exit” and press Button A, B or C to return to the Sega screen.
Play with




Dense, dark clouds have packed the sky for days, smothering the horizon in all directions. But your research can’t wait, so you head out in a park vehicle, crisscrossing the island with your head full of questions and your notebooks filling up with scientific data. 

You’re all the way across the island when the rain starts pelting your vehicle’s roof. Then the storm kicks up, and as the winds whip through the jungle palms, your hopes weaken. You round a turn, headlights shimmering on the electrified fence ahead and its identifying sign: T. Rex.


With a piercing flash, lightning slices the sky. Everything goes dark. Then deafening silence. Has a minute gone by? Five minutes? Fifteen? Suddenly, huge jaws rear up in your windshield, inches from your face. Razor teeth crunch into the vehicle’s framework. Then you’re in a salt shaker, bumping, head snapping, like the last grain of salt – or the last man on earth! 

The next thing you know, you’re dazed, bruised…and still breathing. The vehicle’s wrecked. Something heavy is shuffling in the grass nearby. Better clear your head quick and figure out how you’re going to stay alive!



Grant's moves

Manette Mega Drive

Directional Pad (D-Pad)

Climb ladders, shimmy up cables

Activate elevator

Stand in front of switch, then D-Pad up
Activate switch


Activate elevator

down + left/right
Crouching walk

Walk left/right, push crates, steer raft

Hand-over- hand on wires or vines

Button A (Select)

Switch weapons

Button B (Fire)

Fire button + D-Pad to aim

Charge up stun gun
Maintien de touche Fire pour augmenter la charge, puis relâchement.

Button C (Jump)

Jump button. When Grant jumps onto a higher ledge or platform, he automatically pulls himself up.

Button Start

Pause/resume game

Remember: You can reset the Select, Fire and Jump buttons on the Options screen at the start of the game.

How to play


Reckless speed is your enemy. Your trek through the dangers of Jurassic Park must be surefooted, aggressive and smart. Every area of the island holds its own unique hazards. The sooner you solve them, the longer you’ll survive!

You start the game with two weapons, a tranquilizer dart gun and a stun gun. You’ll find ammunition scattered throughout the areas, and as you pick up ammo, you’ll also gain more weapons.

As you trek. you must learn to use your weapons effectively. They won’t destroy the dinosaurs, only stun or paralyze them for a short time. That means you’ll be using up a load of ammunition. Pick up everything you can find along the route, so you’ll never feel the click of an empty weapon just when you need it most! 

You begin each game with three lives. Your Health bars whittle down as you’re injured, and when a bar disappears, so does your life! If you have lives left, you’ll start the level from the beginning, carrying over all the weapons and ammunition had when you died. you

Watch the upper left corner of the screen for important information:


Shows your current weapon. Press your Select button to switch weapons; press your Fire button to shoot darts, fire your stun gun or launch grenades.


Shows how many units of ammunition you have for your current weapon. When you run out of ammo, you’ll automatically switch to another weapon.


Show your current condition. You start the game with three lives. As you take damage, the lowest Health bar decreases. If a bar disappears, you lose one life and you must start the level over.


Grant's Weapons

You can use a number of specialized weapons to subdue the rampaging animals. But be wary: as you gain ground, the dinosaurs develop a resistance to your tranquilizer darts and gas grenades, and they learn to evade your shots with expertly timed dodges. You’ll have to figure out ways to outsmart these instinctively cunning beasts.


Blue-banded darts

contain a weak dose of tranquilizer. The larger the dinosaur, the more darts you’ll need to subdue it. Tranquilizer effects wear off rapidly.



super darts contain a stronger tranquilizer dose, so fewer darts have a more powerful, longer lasting effect.


Rockets stun

their targets for long time.


Stun Gun

transmits an electric shock that knocks its victims unconscious for a short time. The stun gun has three charge settings: low, medium and high. Hold down the Fire button to charge the stun gun, then release it to fire. The longer you press the button, the more powerful the charge will be, and the more units of ammunition you’ll use up.


Gas grenades

contain a knockout gas that temporarily disables the dinosaurs.


Silver flash

grenades disorient any beast that is overcome by the fumes.


Red concussion grenades

explode, knocking out dinosaurs for a long time.


You can never have too many power- ups! Search for these survival aids throughout the levels, and pick up as many as you can. Their effects will vary depending on your chosen skill level. The harder the level, the less extra power you’ll get.


Blue-banded darts

super darts add ammunition to your supply.


red-banded darts

super darts add ammunition to your supply.



restores part of your stun gun’s charge.



add to your supply.


flash grenades

add to your supply.


concussion grenades

add to your supply.



increase your supply.



fuels your river raft.


First Aid Kit

restores part of your Health bar.



  • Respect the Triceratops. You can jump on it, but don’t get careless. Shooting it will rouse its anger, and then it’ll show what its horns can do! 
  • Press the D-Pad up to look up; press it down to see more of the area below you.
  • Shake off the leech-like Compys by jumping. 
  • Grab overhead vines, cables or pipes and use them to travel hand-over-hand. 
  • Any jump that causes Grant to grunt will ebb away some of his health. Falling on spikes or dinosaur bones will also rob him of health.
  • Beware of long falls that will instantly end Grant’s life. 
  • Learn to use all the weapons. Some will be more effective than others in special situations. Just remember: the dinosaurs are only temporarily disabled. Don’t be there when they wake up! 
  • Search the levels for power-ups, and get as many as you can. Don’t run out of ammunition, or you’ll be almost helpless until you can snatch more! 
  • Move slowly through unknown areas. There’s no game clock, so you can take all the time you need to make it to safety.
Play with




Life inside a barred enclosure is meaningless. A Raptor needs to be free. So when the piercing light struck and the bars lost their sting, the Raptor escaped!


Now it roams free, one of the deadliest, most cunning of the Jurassic Park beasts. It scents the trail of the small, upright creature the one who hatched from the strange egg that the Tyrannosaur destroyed. The scent tells the Raptor that the creature will be very good to eat….




Manette Mega Drive

Directional Pad (D-Pad)


down + left/right
Creep low; push crates and rocks

Walk left/right

haut + gauche/droite
Run left/right

Button A (Select)


Bite and shake
D-Pad down + left/right

Eat a Compy
Select button + D-Pad down

Button B (Fire)


Jump kick
Fire button + D-Pad left/right

Fire button + D-Pad down

Button C (Jump)

button. When the Raptor jumps onto a higher ledge or platform, it automatically pulls itself up.

High jump
D-Pad up + Jump button

Button Start


Remember: You can reset the Select, Fire and Jump buttons on the Options screen at the start of the game.

How to play


1 ) Health Bars

The clash of 65-million-year-old Titans begins! Pound for pound, you are one of the most powerful of dinosaurs. Only the Tyrannosaurus Rex can match you in total strength relative to size. Your long, crushing jaws are a secondary weapon; the six-inch sabre claw on each foot rakes deep into your foe’s limbs. quickly ending the battle. 

But Jurassic Park is bristling with menace: prowling, razor-toothed animals. slippery ledges, deep chasms and that most dangerous enemy, man!

You start the hunt with three lives, and your Health bar diminishes as you take damage. When the bar disappears, your life ends. You’ll restart the level from the beginning as long as you have lives left.




As a Raptor, you must constantly eat or you will lose health and die. Gobble turkey legs as often as possible tO restore your health.




  • Make sure you eat! If you can’t find turkey legs, bite and swallow a few Compys. But don’t let them touch you, or they’ll drain your Health bar. 
  • Press the D-Pad up to look up; press it down to see more of the area below you. 
  • Tenacious Compys will wear you down. Jump to shake them off. 
  • Falling on spikes or dinosaur bones will drain away some your health. 
  • Push crates and rocks to drop them on your enemies.


Track your excursion through Jurassic Park on the map that appears before each level. The map also reveals the password to the level you’re about to begin. Grant must storm through seven levels of deadly hazards; the Raptor rampages through five levels.


  • Press the D-Pad up to look up; press it down to see more of the Jungle below you. 
  • Look for high ledges when you’re having a hard time finding where to go next. If you can’t see the ledge, just try jumping as high as possible. 
  • Grant can swing hand-over-hand on rope-like vines to travel over treacherous chasms and drop- outs.

Power Station

  • Jump over the sizzling electrodes between charges to avoid shock. 
  • Use the elevators to reach otherwise impossible platforms. 
  • As Grant, use your hand-over- hand talents on overhead cables to pass danger points.


(GRANT Only)
  • Be sure to pick up the gasoline cans to fuel your raft. 
  • You won’t survive a dunking or a tumble down the big falls. 
  • Use the D-Pad to steer. Press and hold it in the direction you’re traveling to speed up.

Pumping Station

  • As Grant, use the switches to open and close passages. 
  • Beware of bleached dinosaur bones and a fall into the swamp. Both dangers can be deadly!


  • As Grant, look for hidden openings in the ledges where you can jump down (D-Pad down + Jump button)
  • As the Raptor, push rocks over the cliffs to crush the soldiers below.


(GRANT Only)
  • You can’t always see your next foothold. If you must jump blind, go for the middle distance. 
  • Move slowly, and press the D-Pad up or down to see as much of this fiery furnace as you can before moving on.

Visitor's Center

  • Check behind drop-cloths and scaffoldings for hidden power-ups. 
  • As Grant, your hand-over-hand move might be the only way out of certain areas.


The Brachiosaur is a huge animal standing about 35 feet tall, with a long, arching neck balanced by an equally long, tapering tail. Surprisingly quick for its size, the Brachiosaur is a plant-eater that spends much of its time with its tiny head in the trees, munching on branches and leaves.

The Compy (Short for Procompsognathus) is a pint-sized but powerful animal whose bulldog- like grip with its jaws can bring down far larger beasts, and is especially effective on humans.

About four feet tall, the Dilophosaur is spotted like an owl, with a brilliantly colored crest that fans out around its neck when aroused. Seemingly playful, this kangaroo-like carnivore makes a curious “hooting” sound before its deadly attack. It kills by spitting on its victims, from as far as 20 feet away, with a lethal venom that blinds and paralyzes its prey.

The Raptor reaches a full-grown height of about six feet. Known formally as the Velociraptor, this awesome predator has a six-inch, retractable, razor-like claw on each foot. It is extremely fast-moving and can reach speeds of up to 60 mph. The craftiest and deadliest of the Jurassic Park dinosaurs, the Raptor frequently leads its victims into surprise ambushes. It is extremely vicious, as intelligent as a chimpanzee, and seems to kill for sport.

The Triceratops is nearly the size of an elephant. It is built low to the ground, with huge stumpy legs. While generally a gentle grazer, the Triceratops carries three huge horns on its massive head for defense, with the longest horn protruding from the middle of its face. A lumbering beast, the Triceratops grazes at ground level for grasses and plants.

Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most ferocious of all dinosaurs, is the classic bloodthirsty prehistoric terror. Standing about 25 feet tall and stretching out to about 49 feet long, the T. Rex with its huge, powerful jaws can swallow a human being whole!

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