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In a far away galaxy is a solar system filled with mysterious planets and wonderful creatures. All has been peaceful there for millenia — until now.

The space pirate, Greedy, is a tyrant leader of an evil space army. He has decided to take over this beautiful solar system and make it the new headquarters for his growing army. Greedy’s devious plot is to brainwash the leaders of every planet and force them to do his bidding. Even the legendary hero of the solar system was captured, and is now Greedy’s prisoner.

The Planet Flora makes a last, desperate plea for help. The space hero’s son Ristar answers the distress signal. Although young and inexperienced, Ristar is valiant, determined, and the solar system’s only hope. Ristar must travel from planet to planet and free the brainwashed leaders from the villain’s control and ultimately conquer Greedy. If the young hero is successful, he will restore peace to the once-happy worlds of his home system and free his father.



Manette Mega Drive


Start Button

Moves Ristar around screen

Highlights options in pre-game screens

Guides Ristar’s jumps and grabs

Brings up Title screen from introduction

Exits pre-game screens

Pauses game/resumes play when paused

Selects highlighted option from Title screen

Button A* et C*

Makes Ristar jump

Bouton B*

Makes Ristar grab

* This is the default setting for these buttons. To change button functions, see page 18.

For instructions on special moves, see page 22.


Ristar may be small, but don’t let his size fool you! Because he is a star, he has an enormous supply of energy. Learn all his moves, because sooner or later, you will need every one of them!



Press the Jump Button. Use the D-Button to guide your jumps.



Hold the D-Button toward the object or creature you want to grab, and press the Grab Button.



Press the Grab Button to throw an object Ristar is holding. Creatures, however, can’t be thrown (they are grabbed).


Up or Down Ladder

When Ristar grabs onto a vertical ladder, press the D-Button UP or DOWN. Press the D-Button LEFT or RIGHT for a horizontal ladder. To let go of the ladder, press the Jump Button.


Wall Clim

Use this special move to climb up walls. Grab the surface of the wall, and press the Grab Button repeatedly. Ristar inches his way up. Press the D-Button in a diagonal direction while pressing the Grab Button for best results.


Level Descend

To move from a level, such as from a tree branch to a lower one, press the D-Button DOWN.



Ristar can hang from, and even be towed by, some airborne objects and creatures. Grab the object or creature and hold the Grab Button. To let go, release the Grab Button.


Fast Swim/Air Float

Press and hold the Jump Button.



Hold both the Grab and Jump Buttons, and press the D-Button UP or DOWN to move the pulley rope.


Meteor Strike

This is the most powerful of Ristar’s special moves. See page 32, “Using the Star Handle.

How to play



The Sega logo appears, followed by the opening story. The Title screen appears after the intro is finished. Press Start at any time to skip the intro and go directly to the Title screen.


Press Start again to bring up the game menu. Press the D-Button UP or DOWN to highlight your choice, and press Start. To begin saving the planets, highlight GAME START. To change features of the game, highlight OPTION, and press Start.


Press the D-Button UP or DOWN to highlight an option. Press LEFT or RIGHT to change the option.

Change the difficulty of the game through LEVEL. Choose between NORMAL and HARD.

In CONTROL, you can change the functions of Buttons A, B and C. Buttons A and C always perform the same action.

In SOUND, listen to the tunes found in Ristar. Press Button A, B or C after highlighting this option and you’ll get to the Sound Theater. Press the D-Button LEFT or RIGHT to cycle through the tunes. Use the Jump Button to listen to a tune and the Grab Button to stop it.

Use PASSWORD for special game functions. See page 38.

Press Start at any time, or Button A, B or C when EXIT is highlighted to return to the Title screen.



1) Point Total:
Grab any creature or Yellow Jewel you can to increase this score.

2) Gold Stars:
These stars represent the number of times Ristar can be hit by an opponent or an object for each Life. The most Ristar can have at one time is four stars in a NORMAL game, or two in a HARD game. If Ristar is hit by an opponent or an object with one star left, a new Life is used to continue the game.

3) Lives:
For each NORMAL game, Ristar has five Lives. For a HARD game, he has two Lives. These will be used up quickly if you’re not careful!


Star Handles are very handy for getting you where you’ve got to go! Jump up and grab one, and hold the Grab Button. If you’re facing right, hold the D-Button RIGHT. Hold the D-Button LEFT if you’re facing left. Ristar starts spinning faster and faster!

When you let go of the Grab Button, Ristar becomes a shooting star and starts zooming around. Press the D-Button in any direction to control his flight.

So why zoom? That depends on where you are. You can use the Star Handle to do a Meteor Strike and bump Greedy’s creatures off the screen. It’s a lot faster than attacking them one at a time.


You can also explore dangerous places safely by spinning off the Star Handle. Just be careful where you land!

At the end of a round, spin off the Star Handle to zoom to the next planet.

Finally, you can go to secret bonus stages by spinning off special Star Handles if you can find them.


Every bonus stage is unique. Each has a treasure for you to find within a certain time limit, but the way to reach this treasure is different in each stage.

The Password

If you reach a certain stage, you will find a screen with several passwords. When you find it, write them down.

Go to the PASSWORD option in the Option screen. Use the Jump Button to enter a letter, and the Grab Button to erase a letter. Press Button A, B or C when the yellow return arrow next to END is highlighted to erase letters. When finished, highlight END and press any button.


After you finish a level, the Clear Bonus screen appears. Your points earned from that level are listed

Round Clear Bonus :
You are given points each time you finish adventuring on one of the planets.

Treasure Bonus :
For each treasure you find in a treasure chest, the score increases.

Technical Bonus :
Technical Bonus: The less you are touched by creatures or dangerous objects, the higher the score.

Secret Bonus :
Grab anything you can! Uncover secret treasures to cash in on points.


When all of Ristar’s Lives are used up, the Continue screen appears. Continues are listed at the top of the screen. Highlight YES to continue the game from the same level, or NO to return to the Title screen. The game ends when you run out of Continues.



There are several useful items to help Ristar on his journey. Find them in treasure chests and holes. By grabbing some branches or walls, Ristar might even be able to shake some of these hidden valuables into the open!


Little Star

These come in two varieties. The yellow and black one gives you an extra Life. The black and white one helps you through traps.


Restore Star

The gold star adds one more hit to your Gold Star count. The silver star resets your Gold Star count to four hits. If your count is already full, don’t pick any new stars up! They might be useful later.


Yellow Jewel

Worth 100-1600 points. Pick up as many as possible and watch your Point Total soar.



Planet Flora

Level 1

The creatures here have one goal in mind: stop you from leaving their world! Birds dive-bomb from the sky, and sneaky salamanders try to jump on you. Use the natural elements to help you clear this haunted glen.

Planet Undertow

Level 2

Castle towers appear in the sand, but you won’t be in the desert for long. Electric eels, poisonous toads, and even giant seahorses are pretty, but don’t let them get too close.

Planet Scorch

Level 3

Hope you like it hot! Scorch is an unstable planet, with volcanoes spewing rocks everywhere. Greedy’s rovers have found a way to control the fire on the planet, and they have set a number of traps for you. Be careful where you step!

Planet Sonata

Level 4

Welcome to Sonata, a planet of musical wonder. Ancient magicians created musical instruments to play perpetually. Strange birds try to communicate to you. How can you give them what they want? Drums, horns and guitars try to enchant you with their music, but don’t be fooled.

Planet Freon

Level 5

It’s winter on Freon, but don’t plan on playing in the snow. Even in this frozen wonderland, danger awaits. Because Greedy’s forces heard you were coming, they decided to make your next step difficult – literally. Icy paths send you sliding uncontrollably. A young Freonian challenges you to a snowball fight. Don’t let him win!

Planet Automation

Level 6

Robots everywhere! The planet’s giant robot factory is making a new army for Greedy. Robot worms and flying laser shooters won’t let you pass by easily. Giant clawed robots and missile-launching turtles await your arrival.

Greedy's Space City

Level 7

What adventure awaits you in this mysterious castle in the sky? Play this level to find out the fate of Ristar’s home system!



  • Watch the demo for hints on game play.
  • Explore everything. Grab every wall. There are many hidden treasures to find. Patience pays.
  • Move slowly. Except for the Bonus Stages, there is no time limit. Rushing through the stage quickly to get to the treasure might lead to costly mistakes.
  • Use all Star Handles. There are reasons why these are located where they are.
  • When you discover how to reach the treasure in a particular Bonus Stage, try to improve your time when you play this Bonus Stage again. You can always do it faster!
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