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Warrior of the Shadows!

Joe Musashi (code name Shinobi) of the Oboro School of Ninjutsu has long been in a struggle against the forces of evil. Years ago, the nemesis of the Oboro school, the Neo Zeed organization, was defeated by Shinobi. Its leaders killed or put in prison, and its criminal activities stopped cold.

Joe Musashi decides to return to Japan and recuperate after the battle in Neo City. But while he is training in the mountains of Japan, working to improve his already formidable Ninja techniques, the Neo Zeed leaders are secretly rebuilding their organization. Shinobi senses the evil power growing and starts to make his way back to fight this new danger.

Neo Zeed’s minions have been ordered to stop Shinobi at all costs. The rewards they’ve been promised — riches and power. The punishment for failure — slow, agonizing torture and death at the fangs and claws of Neo Zeed’s war demons. The stakes are the highest yet, and as Joe Musashi — Shinobi – you know that unless you succeed, the world will fall into the clutches of Neo Zeed! You must not fail!


Take Control!

Manette Mega Drive

Directional Button

  • Selects various game options
  • Moves Shinobi on the screen

Start Button

  • Selects certain game options
  • Starts the game
  • Pauses the game/starts the game when paused

Button A

  • Fades out the Music. S.E. and Voice options in the Options screen
  • Uses Ninjutsu spell

Button B

  • Starts the Music, S. E. and Voice options in the Options screen
  • Throws shuriken when enemy is at long range/uses katana when enemy is at close range

Button C

  • Stops the Music, S.E. and Voice options in the Options screen
  • Makes Shinobi jump

See pages 24-36 for a more detailed description of Shinobi’s fighting techniques and special vehicles.

Note: The above settings are the default settings. To change the settings, see the following page.

Neo Zeed Must Fall!

Neo Zeed has already built up its organization to near its former level. They have warriors everywhere, and they know it’s just a matter of time before Joe Musashi returns to battle them, so they’ve laid deadly traps and have scores of mercenary ninjas and troops waiting to stop him.

In his quest to find the Neo Zeed leaders and bring them down, Shinobi will need all his resources and every ounce of skill he has. This time, Shinobi also has a horse to take him through the wilds of upland Japan, and a jet ski to cross Tokyo Bay. Take note of the button controls for these special vehicles·

Shinobi's Horse

Pressing Button C makes the horse jump. Button B is used for attacking opponents with Shinobi’s katana or shuriken. Press Button A to use Shinobi’s Ninjutsu. Press the D-Button left or right to make the horse move faster or slower (toward the left or right side of the screen). Press the D-Button twice for a quick gallop.

Jet ski

Pressing Button C makes the jet ski jump. Button B is used for attacking opponents with Shinobi’s katana or shuriken. Press Button A to use Shinobi’s Ninjutsu. Press the D-Button left or nght to make the jet ski move faster or slower (toward the left or right side of the screen). Press the D-Button twice for an extra burst of speed!

Most of the time, however, Shinobi will have to rely on his Ninjutsu training and lightning-fast reflexes to make his way through the Neo Zeed army. Here is an explanation of the special battle techniques Shinobi will rely on to defeat Neo Zeed.

Techniques ninjutsu spéciales

Power jump

Press and hold Button C to make Shinobi jump higher.

Shinobi spin

Press Button C to Jump, and press it again to make Shinobi spin in mid-air for extra height on the jump.

ninja Dash

Press the D-Button twice in one direction and hold to make Shinobi dash lo one side of the screen or the other.

Ninja Death STrike

Press the D-Button twice in one direction and hold to make Shinobi dash to one side of the screen or the other, then as Shinobi gets within sword-range of the enemy, press Button B to strike the enemy a staggering blow with his katana!

Death kick

If an enemy is just out of sword’s reach, jump into the air by pressing and holding Button C, then when Shinobi reaches the highest point in his jump, press the D-Button down and in the direction of the enemy, and press and hold Button B.


Shurikens Burst

Press Button C to make Shinobi jump, press it again to make Shinobi spin in mid-air, then press Button B to release a spray of shuriken, blasting enemies below!



Press Button C to jump up and press and hold the D-Button to grab the ceiling. Press the D-Button left or right to move across the ceiling.

Defensive pose

Press and hold Button B to assume a defensive pose. Press the D-Button to move while keeping up your defense.



This side-to-side wallclimbing technique is done by jumping toward one side of a wall or the other (by pressing the 0-Button toward the wall and pressing Button C). As Shinobi reaches the wall, press Button C again as you press the D-Button toward the opposite wall. Shinobi will jump up and over to the other wall. Repeat until Shinobi reaches the top.

How to play

Getting Started

Once you turn on your Mega Drive, the SEGA logo will appear, followed by the Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Title screen. Press Start twice to see the main menu. Pick Start to begin the game right away or pick Options to see the Options screen. 

Choose options in the Options screen by pressing the D-Button up or down to the option you wish to change, and press left or right until the desired option appears on screen. When you’re finished making your selections, select Exit and press or press Start to return to the main menu.


Choose from Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert.


You can start the game with anything from 0 to 70 shuriken.

Control Type

You can choose one of four settings.


Press the D-Button left or right to view the track names. Button B starts the music, and Button A or C stops it.


Listen to any of the sound effects used in the game. Selection is done as in the Music option.


You can hear any of the exciting sounds used in the game. Selection is done as in the Music option.


Select this to return to the Main Menu.

Screen Signals

  1. Lives Remaining
  2. Life Bar
  3. Shuriken
  4. Ninjutsu Type
  5. Ninjutsus Remaining
  6. Current Score

Game Over/Continue

When Shinobi loses all the points on his Life bar and he still has Lives remaining, the game starts again from the beginning of the round he started in. If he doesn’t have any Lives left a Continue screen appears Select Yes to continue the game from the point you left off at, or No to call it quits. The number of times you can continue depends on the level of difficulty of the game you’re playing at.


Pause Options

Pressing the Start Button anytime during game play pauses the game and opens the Pause Window. The high score is shown at the top of the window, as well as the current special Ninjutsu attack. To change the Ninjutsu attack, press the D-Button left or right until the name of the Ninjutsu you want to use is displayed. Here are your Ninjutsu choices:


Jutsu of Ikazuchi

Pull down a bolt of lightning to make yourself temporarily invulnerable!


Jutsu of Kariu

Summon the flame of Kariu – four devastating pillars of fire that become a whirlwind of destruction to any enemies on the screen!


Jutsu of Fushin

Mysterious ghost images of Shinobi appear, multiplying his jumping ability!


Jutsu of Mijin

This Jutsu destroys enemies by causing Shinobi’s body to become a living bomb! (Be warned, Shinobi loses one life with each use of Mijin.)


be found as they appear below, and others are found inside crates. If you find a crate. destroy it to release the item inside, then walk over the item to pick it up. Be careful, though — some crates have time bombs inside!



Collect these to add to your supply.



This ,tern adds 20 shuriken to your supply!



Find this to increase your shurikens· destructive power.



Add one life to your Lives Remaining with this item.


ninjutsu Item

This item adds one to your stock of special Ninjutsu attack.


Heart bonus

Restores your Life Bar by a certain amount.


Time Bomb

This is designed to detonate on a count of five, or as soon as Shinobi gets to close to it. Watch out!


Land Mine

This is a very unobtrusive mine — until you step on it.


Shinobi Secrets

  • Although Joe Musashi is highly trained in the use of shuriken, his supply isn’t unlimited. Use Shinobi’s swordsmanship and special attack techniques to get him past lesser opponents and save up the shuriken for the times when he really needs it.
  • Strike your opponents before they strike you. Your reflexes are faster than that of most enemies’, so don’t waste the moment — attack!
  • Try clearing an area of enemies and practicing your offensive and defensive techniques there. Moves like the Shinobi Spin and the Kabekeri technique will be essential to succeeding in taking down Neo Zeed once and for all, so make sure you’re proficient at them before you get into the areas you’ll need to use them in.
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