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It’s Bugs Bunny’s 50th birthday and a grand celebration has been planned by his fan club. However, his fellow Looney Tune pals are jealous of all the attention that Bugs is receiving. After all, no one has ever given such parties in their honor! It’s up to you to guide Bugs to his birthday celebration. To do so, you’ll have to avoid the other Looney Tune characters and the contraptions they have unleashed to prevent Bugs from reaching the party.



Only controller 1 is used for this game.


Control pad

Used to move Bugs Bunny. Use the up and down directions to help Bugs climb ladders. Use the down direction to enter the boulder wells, etc.

Select button

Not used.

Start Button

Used to start the game and to pause the game during play.

Bouton A

Used to make Bugs jump. Also used to start each round.

Bouton B

Used to swing the hammer.

How to play


Starting the Game:

When the title screen appears, press START to begint he game.

Read the next few screens to find out about the party. Press the A or B Button to go to the next screen.

The Objective:

You begin the game with 3 lives. Your goal is to help Bugs reach the birthday party. To do so, you must avoid or eliminate the other Looney Tune characters and the contraptions. To eliminate a contraption, press the B Button to swing the hammer when you are facing the contraption and close enough to hit it.

If you are caught by one of the contraptions, you will be stunned for a short time. While stunned, you cannot use the hammer. If you are caught twelve times, you will lose a life. The status of your current life is indicated by three hearts in the upper left corner of the screen. Each heart starts out red, turns white, then black and then clear when you are caught by one of the characters or contraptions.

You can also lose a life by falling off the screen. Fortunately, you can obtain an additional heart by hitting the Fireball with the hammer and picking up the heart that it leaves behind. This is easiest to do if you jump on top of the Fireball contraption and then hit it.

Sometimes, you may find useful to hide behind some of the large plants you encounter. Along the way, you should pick up as many carrots as possible. The number of carrots you have picked up is shown in the upper left corner of the screen. The more carrots you have at the end of a round, the more chances you have to earn extra lives during the Bonus Bingo round. When you arrive at the Bonus Bingo round, you can choose 5 numbers by pressing the A Button. Line up enough numbers and you can get extra lives!

Controlling Bugs Bunny:

Use the left and right directions on the control pad to move Bugs. You can use the up and down directions to help Bugs climb up and down ladders. Press the A Button to make Bugs jump. The longer you hold down the A Button, the higher Bugs will jump

Using the Hammer:

The hammer is useful for eliminating contraptions. To use the hammer, face in the desired direction and press the B Button. The hammer is also useful when you encounter things like a seesaw. You can use the seesaw to jump higher than you would normally be able. To use the see saw, stand on one end and strike the other end with the hammer.

Using the Boulder Wells:

The boulder wells are the entrances to secret passageways. To use these passagewaysw, ait for the deadlyb oulder to disappear and then jump into the well. Next, press the down direction on the control pad and you will appear in another area.

Items & Enemies

A Guide to the Contraptions


Boulder Well

Evil Soap Box and Bubble




Good Soap Box


Jumping Telescopic Bullet Sprinkler

Malicious Mallet

Poisonous Frog

Walking Time Bomb

Spring Loaded Weight

Stop Light Worm

Instructions Booklet


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