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The Revenge of Shinobi™

In the impenetrable mountain hideaways of Japan exist mystic warriors, the ninja. These masters of battle possess seemingly impossible powers. In combat they leap to dazzling heights. When hit, they remain unhurt. They can summon fire from the sky to torch the enemy!

You studied ninja ways since you were small. In the dojo (school) you began as the weakest one, and anyone could overcome you. But every day you practiced and meditated. At last you mastered the skills of leaping, somersaulting, and throwing the deadly Shurikin.

Finally a day came when the sensei, your teacher, revealed to you the secrets of Shinobi, the art of stealth. And at last he taught you Ninjitsu – the ninja magic.

You are Musashi, the master ninja. Your hands and feet are lethal. In your grasp, every ninja weapon is an instrument of death.


Now an evil, powerful enemy, the Neo Zeed, has sent out its own ninjas, soldiers, spies, and villians to take over the world. As a warning to you, they assassinated your sense and kidnapped the beautiful Naoko.

You swear to annihilate the Neo Zeed. You stalk them around the world, destroying them wherever they exist. You never sleep. You never stop. And you don’t give up! Until this vicious enemy is destroyed, your world won’t be safe!


Take Control!

The Revenge of Shinobi is a 1 Player game using Control Pad 1. Learn how to use the Control Pad before playing the game.

Manette Mega Drive
Touhes du bloc de commande

Directional Button


Before play:

  • Press to bypass the opening sequence.
  • Press up or down to move selection arrow o the Start Game and Options screens.
  • Press right or left to change options on the Options screen.

During play:

  • Press right or left to make Musashi walk right or left.
  • Press down to make Musashi crouch.
  • Press down and right or left to make Musashi crouch and walk right or left.
  • Press right or left while paused to move the red frame over the Ninjitsu (ninja art) you want to use.

Button A

(Ninjitsu Button)
  • Press to use Ninjitsu (ninja magic).

Button B

(Attack Button)
  • Press to attack.

Button C

(Jump Button)
  • Press to jump up. At the height of your jump, press again to somersault.
  • Press down on the D-Button and press Button C to jump down to a lower level. (If there’s an opening in the level, just walk over the edge to descend.)

Start Button

  • Press to start game.
  • Press to enter selections on the Options screen.
  • Press to pause game during play.
    The Ninjitsu (ninja magic) selection box appears. Make your selection, then press the Start Button again to resume play.

You can rearrange the functions of Buttons A, B, and C. For instructions, see the Options Screen section.

How to play

Taiso (Preparing the Body)

Watch the opening sequence for a preview of Musashi’s astounding skill. Then, at the Title screen, press the Start Button. The Start Game screen appears.

Press the D Button right or left to set your starting location (shown at the upper right of the Start Game screen). The Neo Zeed have taken over 8 districts around the world. Each district has 3 scenes. You can start in any district and scene from 1-1 through 8-3.

Then move the selection arrow to Options and press the Start Button. The Options screen appears.

Options Screen

Use the Options screen to gear up for battle. Move the arrow up and down to select an item. Then press left and right on the D-Button to change the setting.

Sound Test

  • Choose a game sound.
  • Press the Start Button to preview the sound.


  • Choose a game difficulty level: Easy, Normal, Hard, or Hardest. As game levels increase in difficulty, the enemy onslaught gets worse! In each level you also have a different number of lives per game:

Easy                       10 lives per game
Normal                    3 lives per game
Hard                         1 life per game
Hardest                    1 life per game


  • Choose the settings for the A, B, and C Buttons on the Control Pad.
Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Type 4


Choose the number of Shurikins (throwing knives) Musashi carries into battle. You can set the number from 00 to 90 in multiples of 10.


Press the Start Button to return to the Start Game screen. Press it again to begin play.

The Point of Non-Return

(1) Life Bar
Shurikins Available
(3) Ninjitsu
(4) Lives Remaining

You are Musashi, the powerful, skilled Ninja. The terrorists of Neo Zeed are your worst enemies. You’ve sworn to destroy every last soldier and agent in their vile army. After checking your location on the map, you begin the hunt!

You carry a dagger and a cache of deadly Shurikins, your throwing knives. Press right or left on the D-Button to walk, and press down to crouch. For stealthy attack, crouch while walking by pressing the D-Button down and right or left. Attack by pressing your Attack Button (Button A, B, or C, depending on your setting). If you’re right on the enemy, you’ll stab when standing and kick when crouching. If the enemy is farther away, you’ll sling Shurikins.

Jump by pressing your Jump Button (again, Button A, B, or C, depending on the setting). At the height of your jump, press the Jump Button again to somersault. Press the Attack Button to attack while jumping, and to throw 8 Shurikins at once while somersaulting.

Follow the Go and Exit arrows to keep on the right track.

Your Life Bar

During battle you will be injured in sword fights and by hurled Death Stars, exploding bombs, cannon and machine gun fire, attacking dogs, kicks from brutal thugs, and other enemy ploys. Your Life Bar at the top left ebbs away as you are injured. When the bar disappears, you die. 

You can revive as long as you have lives left. During battle, you can regain strength and extra lives by picking up Power Packs and Musashi from the crates.

When your score reaches 100,000, your Life Bar gains 2 small bars. You gain two more lives every time you successfully finish a scene. Also, when your score reaches 50,000 you gain an extra life. After that, every time your score increases by 100,000 points you gain an extra life.


Press the Jump Button to leap over obstacles and avoid Death Stars hurled by the enemy. Press the D-Button left or right while jumping to change your position and land accurately. At the height of your jump, press the Jump Button again to somersault for more height and greater distance. Doing this lets you leap to high places inaccessible by normal jumping.

Normally, you descend by walking down a step or ledge. When there’s no opening on your level, you can get to a lower level by pressing down on the D Button, then pressing the Jump Button.

Attack while jumping by pressing your Attack Button. During a somersault jump, press the Attack Button to hurl 8 Shurikins at once. You’ll always aim one knife directly below you to smash waiting enemies and ensure a safe landing.

Continue Game Screen

When you lose all your lives, the battle ends and the Continue Game Screen appears. 

Select Continue to resume the battle in scene 1of the last district you played. You can select

Continue 3 times before the game ends for good. At that point “Game Over” appears. Select New Game to start the game over from scene 1 of district 1.



Attack the crates to burst them open. The weapons inside will help you stay alive! Walk over the weapons to pick them up. They include:


Power Back

Increases your strength and adds to your weapons. You throw your Shurikins faster and more accurately, you gain a lethal sword for combat, and you apply the skill of Cross Guard, warding off enemy Death Stars with crossed Shurikins.


5 Shurikins

You gain 5 more throwing knives.


20 Shurikins

You acquire 20 more throwing knives.


Small Heart

Your Life Bar gains 2 small bars.


Large Heart

Your Life Bar increases to full strength.



You gain an extra life.



Ninjitsu (ninja magic) can be used again in the same life, even if you’ve used it already.



An explosive that detonates either when you touch it or its time runs down. Keep away from the blast!

At times you’ll also gain hidden weapons by throwing Shurikins and kicking in the air.


Use the Ninjitsu (ninja magic) to get through seriously dangerous situations. Press the Start Button to see the Ninjitsu selection box.

Ninjitsu is made up of four different jitsus, or secret arts. Press the D-Button right or left to move the red frame over the jitsu you want.


Ikazuchi, the Art of Thunder

You call upon Thunder to surround you with its protection. While enveloped in Ikazuchi, you will not be injured and your Life Bar won’t decrease. After taking several enemy hits, Ikazuchi fades away.


Kariu, the Art of the Fire Dragon

Assume this jitsu to envelope yourself in a fire column, which then splits and travels, scorching every enemy it touches. Kariu is over when the fire columns disappear.


Fushin, the Art of Floating

Increase your jumping prowess with this jitsu. When you assume Fushin, your jumps and somersaults have maximum height and distance. Fushin stays with you until the scene ends, even if you assume another jitsu.


Mijin, the Art of Pulverizing

By assuming Mijin you become a human explosion that destroys everything in its blast. Use Mijin as a desperate resort, when your Life Bar is short. Mijin takes your life, so make sure you have another life remaining.

After choosing a jitsu, press the Start Button again. During the battle, when the time is right, press your Ninjitsu Button (A, B, or C, depending on your setting) to ceremoniously assume the jitsu.

You can use Fushin and 1 other jitsu during each life. If you pick up a Ninjitsu from a crate, you can use another jitsu in the same life. Ninjitsu you pick up do not carry over into the next scene.

Pause and Resume Play

When you press the Start Button for Ninjitsu, the game pauses and totes up your total score to that point. Press the Start Button again to resume play.



With grim determination you travel around the world, fiercely hunting down the Neo Zeed. You search 8 international districts, each having 3 different scenes.

District 1: Ibaraki Province, Japan

The Bamboo Garden:
This serene garden conceals the Omote ninja and Kabuto samurai. Beware of Hachi the dog — he can catch Shurikins in his teeth!

The House of Confusion: 
Dodge the sharp bamboo grills – they’ll hurt you.

Mighty samurai Blue Lobster blocks your escape!

District 2: Tokyo

The Waterfall:
Crossing the waterfall is the only way to Tokyo! Jump on the swirling logs to advance.

The Backstreet:
The building is taller than you think! Vicious Flower Dragon gangs lie in wait!

The Bistro:
Blinded by strobes, you romp with the Shadow Dancer.

District 3: The Military Base

The Airport Compound:
Neo Zeed infantry patrol both inside and outside, accompanied by vicious attack dogs.

The Cargo Jet:
You’re a menace as a stowaway!

The Computer Vault: 
Find the computer and blow its brains out.

District 4: Detroit

The Junkyard:
The junk in this yard is deadly!

The Motor Mill:
Engine blocks and ingots plunge from the ceiling.

The Side Yard:
The Master Attacker gets really mad, and it does something to his blood pressure.

District 5: Area Code 818

The Laser’ Scraper:
Hop up to the top for an incredible experience!

The Freeway:
This is no place to play!

High-Speed Chase:
Your worst nightmare!

District 6: Chinatown

The Kung Fu Gang:
Gang fighters greet you with lightning kicks and lethal nunchaku.

The Train:
You’re atop a speeding train. Metal poles whizz at your head and bullets blast by your ears!

Web-Bat’s Lair:
He’s big, bad, and ugly, and you look like dinner!

District 7: New York

The Breakwater:
Ninjas and machine gunners guard the breakwater.

The Machine Room:
Inside the Neo Zeed container ship you try to keep a cool head.

The Cargo Hold:
Look what you discovered — a flame-spewing Brontosaurus!

District 8: Neo Zeed Marine Stronghold

The Searchlight:
The searchlight picks you out as a perfect target for Neo Zeed gunfire!

The Cellar Maze:
You’ve made it into the basement of Neo Zeed headquarters.

The Inner Sanctum:
Here’s where you’ll find the terrified Naoko, your sweetheart — and face your final enemy, the Boss.



The Neo Zeed Army



300 points
500 points
800 points



800 points
800 points


500 points



800 points
1,000 points

Fantassin vert

300 points
with machine gun 500 points 
with hand grenade 800 points


200 points

Fantassin bleu

500 points
with machine gun 800 points 
with hand grenade 800 points


800 points


1,000 points

The Flower Dragon Gang

Dragon bleu

300 points

Dragon rouge

800 points


800 points

PHÉNIX blanc

1,000 points

Dragon rose

1,000 points

Power Villians

Blue Lobster

8,000 points

Danseur Rituel

5,000 points


5,000 points


5,000 points

Voiture Blindée

8,000 points


100,000 points


200,000 points

Le Boss

500,000 points

Bonus Score

No Ninjitsu used in the scene

10,000 points

Finishing a scene

10,000 points

with 11 Shurikins for every life left (1 life and 11 Shurikins, 2 lives and 22 Shurikins, and so On)

Secret bonus

50,000 points


Survival Tips

  • Practice, practice, practice! Work on your jump, attack, and somersault skills. Perfect your timing.
  • Carry as many weapons as you can get so you’re never caught short.
  • Learn the weak spots of your assailants, especially the Power Villians in scene 3 of every district. Then defeat them by attacking where it hurts most.
  • Decide on your best attack position — close in or from a distance. Then do it!
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