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Captured by Illusion!

It’s a lovely day in Vera City. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the sweet fragrance of the flowers fills the air.

Mickey and Minnie are happily dancing in the meadow. But suddenly, thick, gray clouds cover the sun, and the birds fall silent.

Don’t worry, Minnie. It will clear up soon,” says Mickey. But before he can say another word, lightning flashes across the sky.

Mickey quickly covers his ears and shuts his eyes. After a few seconds, he peeks to see if Minnie is all right.

Oh no! She’s gone!

A musty odor overcomes the pleasant fragrance of flowers. Mickey glances up to see a witch on a broom hovering above him! It’s Mizrabel, the evil witch who is jealous of Minnie’s beauty! Her bony fingers clench Minnie’s arm!

This pretty thing is coming with me!” she shrieks. “Hee-hee-hee-hee-heeee!” And away she flies, with Minnie behind her, crying.

Mickey chases the fleeing witch through the forest and past towering mountains. Finally he reaches the Castle of Illusion, perched on a high, craggy cliff. At its gate, he meets an old man, bent over with age.

Long ago, I was the king of this castle,” says the old man. “But Mizrabel took it from me. You must rescue Minnie before it’s too late! Mizrabel is going to take Minnie’s beauty for herself. She’ll make Minnie look mean and evil, just like her! You can defeat her only if you have the seven Gems of the Rainbow.

Where are those gems?” asks Mickey.

You’ll find them in the castle,” the old man replies, “but they are guarded by the Masters of Illusion. They have created strange worlds and bizarre creatures to keep you from reaching Minnie. You must be careful!

Mickey thanks the man and hurries through the gate. In the castle, Mickey opens every door to every room. Each door leads to a different world of illusion.

Can Mickey find the seven Gems of the Rainbow in time to rescue Minnie? It’s up to you! Wander through forests and ancient ruins. Splash into a cup of tea and leap across fluffy cupcakes! Knock down enchanted mushrooms, toy soldiers, and armored knights with Mickey’s bounce attack.

Minnie needs your help! Hurry!


Take Control!

To help Mickey win, learn how to use your Control Pad before you start playing.

Manette Mega Drive

Directional Button

  • Press down or up to move from one selection to another on the Options screen.
  • Press left or right to move Mickey left or right.
  • Press down to make Mickey duck.
  • While jumping, press left or right to jump farther in those directions.

Start Button

  • During the story, press to skip through the screens.
  • At the Title screen, press to see the Options screen.
  • Press to continue from the Options screen, Score screen, and Continue Game screen.
  • Press to get Mickey through a castle door more quickly.
  • Press to continue from all between-level screens.
  • Press to pause during play. Press again to continue.

Button A or B

(Shot Button)

Press to make Mickey throw things at his enemies.

Button C

(Jump Button)
  • Press to make Mickey jump. Keep holding the button down for higher jumps.
  • Press to make Mickey swim up.

Mickey's Special Feats

Bounce Attack

Press Button C. When Mickey’s in midair over an enemy, press Button C again or press the D-Button down before Mickey lands on him.

Running down Slopes

Press the D-Button in the direction Mickey’s heading to make him run faster.

Long Jump

Press Button C when Mickey’s running to jump over enemies and holes.

Swinging from Ropes

Press Button C to make Mickey jump up and grab a rope. Press Button C again to let go.

How to play

Getting Started

Read the Story screens to find out how Witch Mizrabel captured Minnie, and how Mickey got to the Castle of Illusion. (Or press Start to skip the screens.) At the Title screen, press Start again. The Options screen appears.

Options Screen

On the Options screen, use the D-Button to move Mickey to each selection. Press Button B or C to see the different options. Then press Start to begin the game.


Choose a Practice, Normal, or Hard game.

  • Practice:
    Mickey starts with five power spheres to search three levels and find three Gems.
  • Normal:
    Mickey starts with three power spheres to search all five levels and must find seven Gems.
  • Hard:
    Mickey starts with two power spheres to search five levels and find seven Gems.

Sound Test

Listen to the game’s music and sound effects.


Change the functions of Buttons A, B, and C. Normally, Buttons A and B are Shot buttons, and Button C is the Jump button. You can choose one of three different settings.

How's Mickey Doing?

Mickey enters the Castle of Illusion with three chances to rescue Minnie. He finds himself in a long hall with many doors. Behind each door are mysteries, enchantments, and illusions’ Follow Mickey through the first door. . .

. . . and as you play, keep an eye on the meters at the bottom of the screen. They’ll show you how Mickey — and you — are doing.


1 • Power Gauge

shows how much power Mickey has left. Every time he gets banked, he loses some power. If he loses all his power, he loses one try. In Practice and Normal games, Mickey gets to keep any items he’s gained in the scene. But in a Hard game he loses his items. Then he starts that scene over again.

2 • Tries

shows how many chances Mickey has to get through the level. He starts with three tries. If he loses them all without finishing the level, the game’s over.

3 • Items

shows how many things Mickey has picked up. Items are good to throw at enemies and obstacles to get them out of the way.

4 • Score

shows how many points you’ve earned so far.

End of Game. . .

When Mickey loses all his tries, the game ends. But Mickey’s determined to try again.

. . .and Continue Game

Mickey can continue up to four times in a Practice game and two times in a Normal game. You can’t continue in a Hard game. Move him to Continue and press Start. You’ll return to the game from the beginning of the last scene. Mickey will lose all his items, and your previous score will not be saved. If you don’t want to continue, move Mickey to New Game and press Start. The game will start over from the Story screens.


Your score appears after you finish each level. It shows the highest score for the game, your score, and three Bonus scores.

Clear Bonus

Points earned when a level is cleared.

Technical Bonus

The number of power spheres left times 1,000.

Secret Bonus

The number of items left times 1,000.



Mickey can gain items by running over them, jumping on them, or leaping high to grab them.


Give Mickey power. When the power gauge is full, picking up a star earns 1,000 points. (Also look for white gems worth 100 points.)

oreilles de souris

Give Mickey an extra chance (try) to complete a level.

Note: Earning more than 40,000 points also gives Mickey an extra try. After that, Mickey earns an extra try every time 50,000 points are added to the score.


Apple, Marble, and Candle

Mickey can fling these at enemies to clear his way, and also at walls and other obstacles to look for an escape route. When he has thirty items, picking up another one earns 1,000 points.

Bag of Items

Holds ten items for Mickey to throw. When he has more than twenty items, picking up a bag earns 1,000 points.


Collect all seven of these to rescue Minnie.


Mickey's Bizarre Adventures

Five doors entice Mickey into adventure. Behind each door is a different world of illusion. Each world has several scenes connected by tunnels, and myriads of critters and tricks, all created by Mizrabel and her masters of illusion. Good luck!

The Enchanted Forest

Enter a glowing forest where trees and mushrooms crawl, tulips spit poison seeds, and spiders attack from their huge, sticky webs. Grab a rope and swing over pits. Beware of scary ghouls and giant apples!


Open the second door to find a world of animated toys. Knock down marching soldiers and juggling clowns! Duck or jump over buzzing toy airplanes! The door’s in front of your nose, but it could be locked! There’s a big surprise waiting in this world.

The Storm

Once you pass the third door, you’ll be walking on a dangerous hillside as a violent storm approaches. Carefully tiptoe (or run and jump) across the crumbling bridges. Brilliant Bonefish leap and snap! Watch out for the water!

The library

Huge books and tall glass jars — is this a giant’s room? Maybe, so you better watch out! Swing from lamps and hop over bookworms. Dive into a teacup and float with the sugar cubes! What’s inside the milk bottle? Perhaps another world? Step in and have a look!

The Castle

Now you’re in the castle where armored knights attack and huge boulders tumble towards you. You’re one step away from Mizrabel – and Minnie. Don’t give up!


Mickey's Hints

  • Bounce as much as you can to wipe out enemies.
  • Be grabby. You’ll need all the items you can get when you’re near the end of a level.
  • Learn how all the different guardians move. It’ll be quicker and easier for you to defeat them.
  • Remember: you can’t throw things while swimming.
  • Reach high places by bouncing off enemies’ heads.
  • Learn to duck. Sometimes that’s all you can do to escape getting hurt.
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