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“Ah, good to see you again Darkwing. I’m afraid that S.H.U .S.H. is once again in need of your unique talents. A mysterious crime wave has swept across our fair city. We believe that these crimes are the work of that notorious criminal organization F.O.W.L.!”

“The Liquidator, Quackerjack , Wolfduck and other F.O.W.L. agents have been looting various parts of the city. These robberies may be part of a larger plan by F.O.W.L. to seize control of St. Canard. Do whatever you think is necessary to retrieve the loot and bring these fiends to justice. The fate of the city is in your hands. Good Luck, Darkwing.”



Control pad

To move Darkwing right or left
Press the control pad right or left.

To use the cape shield
Press up on the control pad

To duck
Press down on the control pad.

A button

To jump
Press the A button.

B button

To fire Darkwing’s gas gun
Press the B button.

Select button

To switch to special gas
Press the SELECT button.

Start button

To pause the game and see the Status Screen
Press the START button

How to play


It’s crime time and Darkwing Duck is on the case. The webbed wonder must leap through the streets of St. Canard and blast the bad guys with noxious knockout gas. Help him track down the lair of F.O.W.L.’s fiendish agents and prepare for Darkwing’ s greatest challenge ever.

There is no stopping Darkwing once he is on the trail, but F.O.W.L. plans to try! The heart in the upper left corner of the screen is a health meter and it shows Darkwing Duck’s strength. Each time Darkwing gets hit by one of F.O.W.L. ‘s agents, he will lose one quart er of the health meter. When all four quarters of the heart are gone, Dark wing will lose a chance and he will have to start his search again.

If Darkwing is lucky enough to track down the lair of an arch-villain, he must try to blast him with his gas gun. It will take many shots of gas before Darkwing can capture him. Once the agent has been captured, Darkwing can begin his search for the next vile villain.


Leaping from roof tops and hanging from ledges is all in a day’s work for the daring Darkwing Duck. In order to outwit his enemies, Darkwing must often put himself in some pretty precarious positions.

To grab ledge or a hook, press the B button to jump toward the hook or ledge and Darkwing will automatically grab hold of it.

When Darkwing is done hanging around , just press down on your control pad and he will let go.

To jump down from a rooftop or ledge, press down on your control pad and press the B button. Darkwing will jump down from the ledge.



In the never-ending battle against crime, it is always handy to have a trick or two up your sleeve. Now, thanks to those wondrous scientists at S.H.U.S.H., Darkwing’s gas gun has been adapted to use three new types of gas.

Heavy Gaz

A blast of heavy gas will immediately fall to the ground and explode. The explosion will send a shock-wave across the floor in both directions. (Heavy Gas uses 2 units of gas energy.)

Thunder Gaz

When Thunder Gas is used, two bolts of lightning are launched from Darkwing’s gas gun. Each bolt travels forward at a 45 degree angle. (Thunder Gas uses 2 unit s of gas energy.)

Arrow gaz

Arrow gas will cause a gaseous arrow to be shot out of Dark wing’s gas gun. These arrows can be shot against walls to help Darkwing overcome obstacles. (Arrow Gas uses 3 units of gas energy.)

To use these special gas adaptors, Darkwing must first find them. Launchpad has used the Thunderquack to zoom ahead of Darkwing and place the adaptors at key locations within the city. It’s up to Darkwing to locate the adaptors and add them to his arsenal.

NOTE: Darkwing can only carry one adaptor at a time.

Once Darkwing collects a special gas adaptor, you can activate it by pressing the SELECT button on your control pad. When you do, a number will appear below the special gas indicator in the upper left-hand corner of the television screen. This number shows how much gas energy Dark wing’s gas gun has left. Press the B button on your control pad and Darkwing will now fire out the special gas.

To refill the gas energy of the gas gun, Darkwing must collect gas energy containers. These containers can be found by blasting enemy agents and picking up the containers as they drop them.

Special items

As Darkwing clobbers his way past F.O.W.L. ‘s heinous henchmen, they

may drop a variety of items that will aid Darkwin g in his journey . Ju st

have Darkwing touch an item and he will add it to his collection .

Small First Aid Kit

This kit restores 1/4 of Darkwing ‘s health.

Large First Aid Kit

This kit restore s all of Darkwing ‘s health.

Small Gas Energy Canister

This canister adds 1 unit of gas energy to Darkwing ‘s gas gun.

Large Gas Energy Canister

This canister adds 10 units of gas energy to Darkwing’s gas gun.

Darkwing Doll

Pick up this item and Darkwing will earn another chance to complete the adventure.

Gold Bar

Adds 500 points to Darkwing’s score.


Adds 100 points to Darkwing’s score.



  1. Darkwing’s cape shield can be used to block many of the items thrown at him. Be sure to use it.
  2.  If Darkwing fires his gas gun into the air, he may find the GO signal. If Darkwing touches the signal, he will be given a bonus mission to attempt.
  3. Darkwing can fire his gas gun while crouching.
  4. If you get hit by an enemy, you will be invincible for a moment. Use this time to get by any tough obstacles.
  5. Pick up all the diamonds and gold bars you can. You will earn points at the end of each stage and if you score enough points you will earn an extra chance.
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